Theme Customisation

The theme will be customised via the theme variables. Following options are available.

Variable Name Value Result
Theme Style Selection [empty value] Default Bootstrap style
cerulean Cerulean style
cosmo Cosmo style
cyborg Cyborg style
darkly Darkly style
flatly Flatly style
journal Journal style
lumen Lumen style
paper Paper style
readable Readable style
sandstone Sandstone style
simplex Simplex style
slate Slate style
spacelab Spacelab style
superhero Superhero style
united United style
yeti Yeti style
Banner Style Selection [empty value] Hide banner image, title only
static Static banner image
slideshow Slideshow carousel with up to 5 banner images
Banner Image 1 [URL to image] URL for banner image 1. Used as static banner image and first slideshow image.
Enter in the following form:
Banner Image 3 [URL to image] URL for banner image 2. Used as second slideshow image.
Banner Image 3 [URL to image] URL for banner image 3. Used as third slideshow image.
Banner Image 4 [URL to image] URL for banner image 4. Used as fourth slideshow image.
Banner Image 5 [URL to image] URL for banner image 5. Used as fifth slideshow image.
Banner Heigth [height in px, em, or %] Heigh of the banner, e.g. 500px or 40%.
Logo Image [empty value] URL for logo image.
[URL to image] URL for logo image.
Maximum Width [empty value] Default max width of main content 1170px.
[Width in px] Max width of main content, e.g. 768px.
Select Sidebar Position [empty value] Hide sidebar in post list view
left Sidebar on left side in post list view
right Sidebar on right side in post list view
Disqus username Your disqus username for automatic comment integration
Email url Either mailto or a link to your contact form Footer
Facebook profile URL Footer
Google+ profile URL Footer
LinkedIn profile URL Footer
Pinterest username Footer
Twitter username Footer

Text Translations

Following text page holders are available to be filled with own text.

Text Translation Key Used for
Text for Archive Archive page headline
Text for Date Created Post and post list page
Text for Read More Link Post list page, underneath excerpt
Text for previous post Post page
Text for next post Post page
Text for Page Post list page, pagination
Text for Page Separator Post list page, pagination
Text for search placeholder Search input field
Text for search result Search result page headline