Manta Theme comes with 16 different style variations and the default Bootstrap style for further customisation. See below for demos of the different styles.

In order to change the style, change the theme variable Theme Style to your favourite style.

As reference, the styles have different navigation bar sizes:

  • cerulean: 50px
  • cosmo: 50px
  • cyborg: 50px
  • darkly: 60px
  • default: 50px
  • flatly: 60px
  • journal: 60px
  • lumen: 50px
  • paper: 60px
  • readable: 64px
  • sandstone: 65px
  • simplex: 40px
  • slate: 50px
  • spacelab: 50px
  • superhero: 40px
  • united: 50px
  • yeti: 45px